Why Call The Professionals When You Experience Sewage Damage

Sewage damage is one of the worst property damage that a home or business owner can experience. Sewage backups are messy, and they pose a potential bio or health risk to the people and the environment around. Due to the complexity of handling the sewage backup, it is important to hire a company that provides Sewage Cleanup Baltimore MD. Rouse Inc. Restoration removes, cleans, and sanitizes your property hence restoring it to its previous conditions. The cleanup process should begin as soon as possible to prevent any secondary damage caused by water retention.

Causes of Sewage Damage

There are different causes of sewage damage in Baltimore. Flooding of the public sewer line from heavy rains remains the most common cause of damage. However, there are other causes of damage, which can lead to a sewer backup during the dry period including accumulation of solid items in the drainage pipes and structural defects in the sewer line. Other causes include growth of tree roots inside the sewer service line and blockage in the main sewage line in the city.

Signs of Sewage Damage

Sewer damage may present some warning signs that the homeowner should watch out for and call a sewage cleanup professional. Some of the signs include slow drainage, a sewage backing up, overflowing from sinks, and production of a gurgling sound in the drains. Others include evidence of water damage on the property's' foundation and a raw sewage smell coming from the drains.

Precautionary Measures

It is important to call professionals from a company that provides Sewage Cleanup Baltimore MD as soon as you notice any signs of sewage problems. Sewage water belongs to category 3 of water damage (black water) and has bacteria and pathogens which can cause fatal illnesses or death. Therefore, homeowners should consider evacuating children, the elderly, or anyone with a weak immunity from the building first. They should also use a protective gear before getting into contact with any sewage water.

The Cleanup Process

The sewage cleanup process begins immediately after assessment of the damage. The activity starts with the removal of any sewage wastes and proper ventilation of the property. The professionals then go ahead with the removal of any affected items and other structural elements from the house. The experts conduct a thorough cleaning of the items and dispose of the damaged ones. The cleanup, deodorizing, and the sanitization processes follow to get rid of the bacteria. Our professionals have to dry the property and drive away moisture completely through dehumidification. This is done to prevent the growth of mold and mildew. Repair and restoration are the last stages of the sewage damage restoration plan.


The professionals at Rouse Inc. Restoration have specialized equipment that aid in faster and efficient removal of sewage water from the house while also protecting the property owners from other added costs from mold growth. Sewage damage poses a health risk, so you should leave the cleanup process to the professionals. Call Rouse Inc. Restoration at (443) 224-5294 today for a FREE Estimate!

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