Types of Water Damage in Baltimore MD and the Dangers They Pose

Water damage in Baltimore, MD can be a serious issue for business and residence owners alike. A burst pipe, leaking roof or damage due to an external flood can not only result in short-term damage to the victim’s bank account, but it can also render a building unusable without expensive and time-consuming repairs. For this reason, it is vital to ensure that any water damage is quickly mitigated by a qualified repair service that is experienced in how to mitigate water-related damage.

Types of Water Damage

There are many different sources of water damage in Baltimore, MD, ranging from roof leaks to catastrophic plumbing failures. Each one of these varying types of water damage will require a different style of response in order to most effectively prevent serious property damage.

Water damage due to roof leaks is often gradual in nature, which can result in it going unnoticed for quite some time. By the time the property owner notices wet spots on his or her ceiling, much of the underlying structure of the building may have been seriously damaged. For example, wooden support structures may have already been soaked, resulting in wood rot or other forms of structural damage setting in. In addition, power and data lines may have also been damaged by the leakage, which can result in the loss of power or even a potential fire or electrocution hazard due to damaged power lines.

Finally, during a major storm, water damage may be accompanied by serious structural damage to the home, for example, roof damage due to falling tree branches or high winds. While more obvious than other types of roof leaks, this type of damage often results in immediate and serious water damage to the structure. In some cases, it may require that the building be temporarily evacuated until the storm subsides and the owners can safely return to evaluate the building’s condition.

Next to storm damage, a plumbing failure can be one of the most common sources of water damage. A broken sewer or water line can result in an immediate flood, causing serious water damage to the structure. In this case, shutting off the source of the water is vital in order to prevent further damage from occurring. A sewage line break will not only cause water damage but will also present a health hazard due to the release of raw sewage onto the property. In many cases, this type of water damage in Baltimore, MD will require the intervention of a hazardous waste remediation service in order to clean up the sewage spill and restore the property to a livable condition.

Finally, it is important to note that, depending on the location of the break, it may be necessary to inform the local city utility department about the incident. This is especially true if the break itself is on city property or is causing damage to adjacent properties.

Other Types of Water Damage

In addition to the direct water damage, homes and businesses may face other issues arising from broken plumbing or storm-related flooding. Most commonly, a building that has not been properly restored may find that soaked structural components and standing pools of water will produce mold infestations which will then circulate throughout the building‘s ventilation system and contaminate the air the inhabitants breathe. This can produce a long-term health hazard to the building’s inhabitants and may require extensive repairs in order to eliminate the mold. It is for this reason that any water damage must be immediately and effectively addressed by trained specialists.

Dealing with water damage, whatever its cause can be a stressful issue for homeowners and business managers alike. For this reason, it is important to be proactive in dealing with any such damage, rather than waiting until an inconvenience has become a long-term disaster.

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