The Importance of Prompt Sewage Cleanup

When there is a sewer spill in your home, the smells and mess can make the entire structure uninhabitable. Exposure to the raw sewage itself as well as the items that came into contact with it can make you and the members of your household seriously ill. That is because raw sewage contains parasites, viruses and bacteria such as Giardia and E. coli. Getting even a small dose of those pathogens into your body can result in severe illness, especially in children, the elderly, pregnant women and people with chronic medical conditions. Even the carpeting and flooring has to be removed after a sewage spill. This is because the saturated materials allow mold to grow. Having professionals come in to quickly and thoroughly clean up the sewage helps to protect your health and well-being.

How Sewage Cleanup in Baltimore MD Protects Your Home and Family

Removal of the raw sewage reduces your chances of being exposed to germs. Cleaning up the sewage also helps to mitigate any structural damage to your home. The sooner the carpeting and padding can be removed, the more quickly the sub-floor, base boards and walls can dry. Wet wood, drywall and plaster is attractive to vermin and wood-destroying insects such as mice, rats, termites and carpenter ants. The last thing that you need after a raw sewage spill in your Baltimore, Maryland, home is an infestation of uninvited house guests. Removal of contaminated items allows the restoration process to begin. Taking out all of the contaminated and damaged items also helps to get rid of the smells from the raw sewage.

How Sewage Cleanup in Baltimore, Maryland Works

Cleaning up a sewage mess in your Baltimore, MD, home requires several steps. The process begins by making the necessary plumbing repairs. This may involve digging a trench and replacing the sewer line. Any standing sewage will be pumped out and properly disposed of into the sanitary sewer system. The interior pipes in your home may need repairs or replacement. This could involve removing drywall or plaster and lathe to access the pipes. Once the plumbing is in working order, the damaged materials such as furniture, personal belongings, flooring and trim can be removed. Once all of the contaminated and saturated items are hauled away, your home can be thoroughly sanitized. Your home will also be dried in order to prevent any mold from growing. When everything is clean and dry, new flooring and replacement drywall and trim can be installed.

Using a Sewage Cleanup Company in Baltimore, MD

The process of sewage cleanup in Baltimore MD should be left to experienced professionals. Cleaning up raw sewage requires wearing personal protective gear that most people do not have, but professionals do. The equipment that is necessary for a thorough cleanup of raw sewage is professional-grade. Only experienced individuals should be handling the powerful pumps and strong cleaning solutions. Removal of the damaged and contaminated belongings and building materials can also be hazardous work and is best left to experienced professionals who can do the work safely and thoroughly. A sewage cleaning service may be able to work with your insurance company, which can save you time and money. When the work is done by a professional sewage cleaning service in Baltimore, MD, you can expect fast and effective results. Once the professionals have cleaned up the sewage, you will be able to get back to using your home without any risks to your health.

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