Common Types of Storm Damage in Baltimore, MD

Baltimore residents are no strangers to extreme weather. While Maryland may not rank highest in terms of hail, wind, flood, tornado, and hurricane damage, homeowners in the coastal state are at risk of property damage from many sources. The following are the most common forms of storm damage that strike Baltimore.

Flood Damage

Flood damage can be the result of heavy rainfall or it can happen after a hurricane strikes the coast. Flood waters can pose many risks to your home. The basement is the most vulnerable part of the home and even somewhat heavy rainfall can lead to inches of standing water in your basement if your sump pump fails. Flood water is also considered category 3 or black water. This is the worst category of water and considered grossly unsanitary and dangerous. It's in the same category as sewage.

Hail Damage

Hail isn't very common in Maryland compared to areas in the Hail Belt, but it can be extremely damaging. Hail is one of the more serious forms of storm damage in Baltimore MD as it has the potential to destroy roofs, cars, and landscaping. In 2016, a major thunderstorm and weak tornado struck Maryland and brought with it the largest hailstone ever seen in the state at 4.25." Imagine what 4-inch balls of ice could do to your shingles, car, and property.

Wind Damage

Wind is usually the most common problem that comes with heavy storms in Baltimore. While your roof serves as your primary defense against the elements, it also receives the full force of storms that pass overhead. Strong winds can cause shingles to become loose or fly away. It can also lead to falling branches or trees that fall on the roof and house. Wind speeds can reach more than 100 mph and leave a path of damage for hundreds of miles.

Lightning and Fire Damage

Lightning poses a unique risk to homeowners as it can easily spark a house fire. Every year, lightning causes billions of dollars in property damage across the country and results in about 100 deaths. Homes and buildings struck by lightning can catch fire while electronics can be compromised. Even homes with surge protection can suffer massive electronic damage as most surge protectors only guard against sudden fluctuations in currents, not the fast, high voltage change from lightning.

Tornado Damage

Despite not being in the tornado alley, Baltimore does suffer the occasional tornado. Tornadoes are among the most severe type of storm damage in Baltimore MD as they can leave widespread damage and level homes. Damage from tornadoes comes from strong winds that reach up to 300 mph. Winds of this speed can pick up cars, leave a home in pieces, and turn glass and debris into dangerous shrapnel. Tornado winds are differentiated from regular high wind damage by the direction of the wind. Damaging winds are usually called straight-line winds to separate the damage from tornado damage.

Regardless of the type of storm damage, fast action is important to protect your belongings and restore your home's safety and integrity.

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