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Rouse Inc. Restoration, is the leading provider of water and fire damage restoration services in the Baltimore area. With most every home expected to experience some form of water or fire damage at some point, it is imperative to call the most experienced and knowledgeable professionals in the industry to take care of your home and your possessions.

Water Damage

Water can affect your home any number of ways, from small leaks that go unnoticed until the damage is done, to large scale flooding problems that can literally shift your home on its foundation. The damage left behind can be overwhelming, and the long term problems that crop up as a result can make a bad situation even worse. In many ways, water is a more serious threat to your home than fire, because water will continue to cause damage until it has been removed and the area properly dried out and treated. Our team of experienced professionals uses the latest tools and procedures to remove the water and return your home to its pre loss condition. We will also dry and clean all carpets and rugs, upholstery, and furniture, dehumidify the property, and deal with any mold or mildew that may have occurred as a result.

Mold Remediation

Mold is the single most common byproduct of water damage, and can in many ways be an even greater problem. Water can be dried out, while mold continues to grow and spread rapidly. Mold that is touched or otherwise disturbed releases hundreds of thousands of spores into the air, meaning that you can conceivably end up with multiple growths in your home. While most molds are not dangerous, they are unsightly and may produce a disagreeable smell. Those molds that are dangerous can cause various health problems ranging from slight allergic reactions and skin irritations, to coughing sneezing, and even respiratory problems requiring a doctor’s attention. No, mold needs to be taken care of, and the staff at Rouse Inc. Restoration is able to handle any size mold problem, containing the growth, removing it, and most importantly, treating the affected area to improve ventilation and bring down relative humidity. Doing so ensures that the mold will not return in the future.

Fire Damage

Few elements can ravage a home or business like a fire. Flames can destroy property within minutes, and the residual effects from smoke damage can be just as bad. It is of utmost importance to isolate the damaged area and completely repair and restore all affected rooms in the home. This may include the scrubbing and cleaning of walls and flooring, as well as removal of smoke odor and airborne ash and soot. Fire can also adversely affect the structural integrity of the home, and proper restoration means repairing all structural support members and making the home safe for habitation. Our staff at Rouse Inc. Restoration are ready and able to handle even the largest cases of fire and smoke damage.

Rouse Inc. Restoration is a family owned and operated company comprised of third generation restoration professionals. Owner John Rouse remains involved in the cleaning process and can be found out in the field most every day. This hands on approach and commitment to excellence and first rate customer service. We treat every job as if the home we are working on is our own, which means using biodegradable and hypoallergenic chemicals that are completely safe for children and pets. Rouse Inc. Restoration serves the greater Baltimore area. Call our office at (443) 224-5294.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpets are the repository of every possible stain or spill that can occur in your home, and as such require thorough cleaning in order to maintain the beauty of your home and health of your family. Carpets are a natural magnet for pet urine and related odors, ink, sodas or tea spills, and even mud and dirt tracked in from the outside. At Rouse Inc. Restoration, our goal is to return your carpets to like new condition, using only biodegradable materials that do not leave sticky residue, unpleasant odors, or chaffed areas. We highly recommend that carpets receive a thorough cleaning at least once per year. Doing so increases the aesthetic appearance of your home, and this may prove invaluable for purposes of resale or rental. As with our other services, all of our work is fully guaranteed.

Sewage Cleanup

The damage caused by sewage and other contaminated water can be devastating, resulting in a myriad of long-term problems that worsen over time. The best way to deal with sewage contamination on your property is to get it taken care of quickly! The health hazards presented by a sewage leak can be serious, which is why you should always seek professional help when dealing with a situation like this. It is important to observe proper safety procedures when removing contaminated water from an area, and, like any water damage scenario, the hard work is just beginning. Once our service technicians arrive on the job, we won’t stop until we have your sewage contamination situation under control. This means not only removing the water from the affected area but also excess moisture from the air and surrounding rooms, as well as cleaning and decontaminating all affected materials. We will clean and dry your upholstery, carpeting, and furniture as well as lowering the humidity back to acceptable levels to avoid further damage from mold.

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Two thumbs up to the team at Rouse Inc. Restoration for the professional work they did when our basement flooded. When I first saw the basement I thought everything was gone, however the team was so knowledgeable about the water damage restoration process that everything was saved! Thanks again for going above and beyond!